Olive oil varieties

Oleum Hispania produces its Extra Virgin olive oil (EVOO) from olives of the variety picual, principally, that is the richest in polyphenols and bioactive agents, as numerous studies have revealed.

Also, only some EVOOs, like the ones produced by Oleum Hispania, contain a singular and beneficial organic component, responsible for its particular flavour lightly piquant: the oleocanthal.

The proportion of oleocanthal presented in the EVOO depends on the variety of olive (fundamentally picual, but also cornicabra, Morisco or koroneiki), and on the quality of the production and dates of harvesting, between others.
The daily ingestion of EVOO rich in oleocanthal can help to prevent rheumatic, cardiovascular or neurodegenerative diseases, as several investigations have confirmed.

The oleocanthal is capable of provoking the death of the cancerous cells without damaging the healthy ones, besides avoiding the proliferation of the tumour cells. Reason why the oleocanthal is investigated for the treatment of the cancer.

Other investigations have demonstrated the anti-inflammatory properties of the oleocanthal similar to medicaments like the ibuprofen, therefore it might help to reduce pains associated with the joints and the muscles, but without side effects.

This attribute has been revealed beneficial to attack ailments related to the chronic inflammation, as some types of cancer, degenerative diseases of the joints and neurodegenerative diseases as the Parkinson and the Alzheimer.
In the same way, the oleocanthal presented in EVOO has been associated with a less predominance of neurogenerative diseases, as the Alzheimer's disease, since its daily consumption in the Mediterranean diet protects the nervous cells.