Best olive oil

In the mountains of the south of Cordoba, in Spain, it is produced some of the best olive oils of the world, well known from ancient times due to their extraordinary quality.

The more than 40 million amphoras of olive oil that form the mount Testaccio in Rome, come from this area of the ancient Hispania, and are the proof of the appreciation for the olive oil produced in the Betica (current Andalucia) by the Romans.

Oils from this area are notable for their great taste and their properties, and are the result of the varietal diversity of centenary olive trees, careful techniques of cultivation and harvest, and the care, passion and experience contributed by producers in the obtaining and elaboration of this precious liquid gold.

On the steep hillsides of these mountains it is cultivated an olive grove of height, where the olives are collected from the own branches of the olive tree (before they fall to the ground), which ensures the highest quality of the oil obtained. Thanks to the cold extraction process, Oleum Hispania gets the best Extra Virgin olive oil (EVOO) for both your palate and your health.

The results of this sum of factors are early oils of limited edition (Premium Range); green olive oils, in the exact point of veraison (Range Inspiration); or mature oils (Range Selection). All of them present differentiated organoleptic qualities depending on the variety and the degree of ripening of the fruit before its harvesting and milling.

Oleum Hispania produces monovarietal and coupage oils from Picual, Hojiblanca and Picuda olive varieties. The first ones, picual and hojiblanca varieties produce the most powerful and stable oils.

On the other hand, the picuda (also known as carrasqueña or pajarera), surely the most emblematic variety of Cordoba, gives to the oils great personality and a huge sensory potential. These olive oils can bring light flavors and aromas of exotic fruits and reminiscents of apple and almond trees.