Turrolate, Sweet tradition from Priego de Córdoba


Turrolate is a typical sweet from the Subbetica Cordobesa, in special from Priego de Cordoba. It has its origin at the end of the XVII century in the prolific imagination of the confectionery craft industry of Priego.

The turrolate is made of cocoa /chocolate and nuts. It is a cylindrical bar in form and it is manufactured in different sizes and qualities.

It is a product of great nutrititional value. In the past it was a common gift to the new mothers, reason why its consumption is also related to the luck and the good news.

After numerous tests in searching the excellence in taste, two new products are released to the market for the delight of the consumer: Turrolate Doña Maria of almond and Turrolate Doña Maria of hazelnut.

This Project borns under our conviction that both products could carry the name of our town (Priego de Cordoba) everywhere as it is already making our Olive Oil.

After multitude trials, we decided to bet by two unique new ingredients in the manufacture of the turrolate: Marcona Almond and Cordovan Hazelnut. These ingredients with the best selection of the raw materials, make of these new product something exceptional.